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  • 09/20/2020 04:34 PM

    Born to prevent war, UN at 75 faces deeply polarized world

    The United Nations was born out of the devastation of World War II to save succeeding generations from war.
  • 09/20/2020 04:16 PM

    Man hospitalized after shark attack in Florida Keys

    A 30-year-old Atlanta, Georgia man was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami Sunday morning after he was bitten in the shoulder by a shark at Sombrero Key Light, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

    Andrew Charles Eddy was taken to Sombrero Beach at approximately 10:30 a.m. to waiting Marathon Fire Rescue paramedics and deputies, according to deputies.

    Eddy was then airlifted to the hospital and his condition wasn’t immediately known as of Sunday afternoon, deputies said.

    Eddy was snorkeling on a reef with family on a private boat and the injury to his shoulder is described as severe, deputies said.

    The Sheriff’s Office received information there was a bull shark in that area by boaters who were there previously.

    Witnesses described the shark as 8-to-10 feet in length and said it immediately attacked Eddy after he entered the water, deputies said.

    There were no other reported injuries.

  • 09/20/2020 03:56 PM

    Streets, yards flood in Volusia County after almost a foot of rain was recorded

    Residents in Volusia County woke up to more than a puddle Sunday as floodwaters overtook yards and streets.
  • 09/20/2020 03:10 PM

    Schiff delays deposition of Homeland Security whistleblower

    The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says the committee is scheduled to depose a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower on Friday, pushing the closed-door testimony back four days due to a dispute with the Trump administration over his appearance.
  • 09/20/2020 02:46 PM

    Jacksonville strip clubs fight to lower dancer age to 18

    Some Florida strip club owners are lobbying to lower the age limit for dancers from 21 to 18-years-old, calling the current age requirement unconstitutional.
  • 09/20/2020 02:34 PM

    Ginsburg's impact on women spanned age groups, backgrounds

    Recent pop culture popularity aside, the impact that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had on women was profound, and spanned age groups and backgrounds.
  • 09/20/2020 02:19 PM

    Chloé Zhao’s 'Nomadland' wins TIFF People's Choice Award

    After picking up Venice’s Golden Lion award, Chloé Zhao’s “Nomadland” has won another prestigious honor: The Toronto International Film Festival’s People’s Choice Award.
  • 09/20/2020 02:00 PM

    Volusia sheriff talks new training for deputies following calls for change from community

    From calls to defund the police to requiring de-escalation and implicit bias training, the current climate of policing in America is hot topic across the country.
  • 09/20/2020 01:44 PM

    Family, work and opera filled Ginsburg's final summer

    She was seeing family.
  • 09/20/2020 01:30 PM

    Biden to focus on health care in Supreme Court debate

    Joe Biden is expected to use the sudden Supreme Court vacancy to reinforce his argument that the upcoming election should be a referendum on President Donald Trump’s handling of health care and the coronavirus.

Happy Labor Day!

American FlagThe Hills of Lake Mary Homeowners Association would like to wish all out neighbors a safe and Happy Labor Day. Under President Grover Cleveland and congress, Labor Day became a Federal Holiday in 1894 to celebrate the pride and dedication of our working men and women who are the backbone of our economy.

May we all hope that business, labor, and the government can work together to build a productive economy that offers opportunity, creates jobs, generates growth and protects the dignity of working people.

Welcome to the HOLM Web Site

Welcome to our Website for Hills of Lake Mary HOA.

The purpose of this site is to let visitors know who we are and to be an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community and provide the homeowners of our community with easy access to our association. The Board of Directors welcomes you and invites you to make comments or suggestions that will help us serve you better.

The Association is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Association Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of every month at the Lake Mary Events Center on Country Club Road.

The Mission of the HOA is dedicated to preserving and enhansing the quality of life in our neighborhood through outstanding leadership, services, and stewardship of our resources.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy touring our website.

Alert Seminole!

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) program provides an internet-based capability for federal, state, territorial, tribal, and local authorities to use in order to issue critical public alerts and warnings from a single portal to multiple communication pathways such as the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS).

Seminole County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) offers a "Reverse 9-1-1" system to inform citizens of hazards in their neighborhoods. This voice system works on land-line phones listed in the phone book. If you have an unlisted number, cellular phone or voice-over Internet phone. Alert Seminole is a FREE electronic notification system, which will notify your cell phone, pager or other text message enabled device when there is a Seminole County emergency. Go to Alert Seminole to register your electronic device and e-mail address for this valuable service.

For more information and to sign up, visit the Seminole County OEM website.

Register on our site and Join our e-mail List!

Homeowners living in the Hills of Lake Mary are eligible to register for access to the Homeowner only area of our website. To Register for membership, click the Register button on the top right of this page next to the Sign In button. After your application is reviewed and approved, you will be notified by e-mail that you have access. If you don't hear from us about your registration, please call us or use the Contact Us form.

The Members only area of the website provides access to valuable information and documents for our Association including our Covenants, Architectural Control Committee Application and Board Meeting Agenda and Meeting Minutes..

Our new Website allows you to join our neighborhood email list. If you would like us to add you to the list, please Register as a Member on our website. Being on the email list allows us to communicate with you on neighborhood issues and alert you to security situations in the neighborhood such as break-ins, robberies and vandalism. We are able to send emails to residents within hours of receiving this information. Our email list can also help reunite many lost pets with their owners!

Storm Drains need to be kept clean

It is the time of the year that there are leaves falling. We need to keep our storm drains clear and not let them fill with leaves. The obstruction creates a standing water issue when it can't flow freely into the stormdrains. Please clean up leaves from the curb in front of your house and especially from the area around stormdrains.

Also please be aware that according to Federal, State and Local regulations, no pollutants can be allowed to enter the stormdrain. If you or your landscaper force yard waste into the stormdrain, you are in violation.

If you see someone dumping into a stormdrain, please anomalously report it at this Seminole County website shown below or call Lake Mary Code Enforcement at (407) 585-1365.

Report Pollution and Other Environmental Issues
Thank You.

Community Crime Watch

There have been recent reports of crimes in our community. Homeowners should watch out for suspicious or unusual behavior and be vigilant in reporting any unusual activity to the police.

Recently a car was stolen from the driveway of a homeowner during the night. Always make sure your car doors are locked when your car is parked and that you have removed valuables. You should use a car alarm. You may also consider having an ignition kill switch installed that only you will know where it is located. This will hopefully cause enough of a burden to the thief to stop your car from being stolen.

A homeowners has reported that in the early morning hours someone was knocking on a door yelling “I'm hurt let me in”. When the homeowner stated that they were calling the police, the person ran off. This was an attempt to gain entry to the home and the owner would have been in grave danger if they had opened the door. You should never open your door to someone that you don't know and always keep all of your doors and windows locked and secured.

Home bulgaries have also been reported. You should consider installing motion activated lights on the exterior of your home. Lights are the best deterrent to crime.

More information and tips can be found at:

Central Florida Crime Prevention Association

National Crime Prevention Council

Crime Prevention Tips

Online Guide to Crime Prevention

Keep Our Community Clean

Help us keep our community clean. Clean up after your pets by "Scooping Your Poop". When people don't clean up after their pets, it's unhealthy and inconsiderate.

Put out your trash/recycling no earlier than 5:00 PM the night before the pickup. Trash and Recycling pickup is Thursday, Yard Waste pickup is Friday. Please remove your containers from the curbside promptly after pickup.

Board Meeting

The next Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday Oct. 7, 2020 at 6:30 the Lake Mary Community Building, 140 East Wilbur Avenue (cross street Country Club Road), Lake Mary.

All owners are welcome. Please come and join us.

Farmer's Market

At the Farmer's Market you Can Purchase Fresh Produce, large and small, Plants, Pasta, Spices, Assorted Nuts,Juice Plus, Handmade Jewlery, Crafts, Nature’s Select Pet Food, and More!
Held every Saturday from 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM at Central Park (Lake Mary City Hall) Corner of Lake Mary Blvd. & 4th Street